The Most Anticipated Cookbooks of 2023

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2023 is full of noteworthy cookbook releases for beginning cooks and seasoned chefs alike, and this list brings together 20 of the best cookbooks 2023 has to offer. Whether you’re looking to improve your everyday meal repertoire or make something for a special event, you’ll find plenty to appreciate here.

Why cookbooks? I’m lucky to have married someone who loves to cook, because it’s helped me discover joy in everyday cooking, too. Before I met my husband, I was a college student with very few culinary skills nor the time to practice them. But driven by an interest in understanding his passion (and an urge to impress him), I strove to improve my cooking abilities.

The best cookbooks became my closest friends, whether they came from the library or recommended from the local bookstore. Not only did I find new meals to cook with my husband, but I found that the tips included by the authors helped me build skills that transferred beyond a single recipe. Plus, the anecdotes included in cookbooks helped make learning new recipes or cooking methods more accessible.

These days, I’m much more comfortable in the kitchen — especially when I get to cook alongside my husband — and I attribute a lot of that to the cookbooks like these that helped me along the way.

The Best Cookbooks: 2023

The Elven Cookbook cover

The Elven Cookbook: Recipes Inspired by the Elves of Tolkien by Robert Tuesley Anderson (January 10)

If you’ve ever wondered what lembas bread might taste like, this literary cookbook is for you. Each recipe takes inspiration from the elves in Tolkien’s legendarium — useful for a quiet weekend breakfast (or second breakfast) and themed get-togethers.

Eating from Our Roots cover

Eating from Our Roots: 80+ Healthy Home-Cooked Favorites from Cultures Around the World by Maya Feller (January 24)

In Eating from Our Roots, registered dietician Maya Feller shares recipes from around the world with sustainable and minimally processed ingredients. Each recipe also includes nutrition tips applicable to cooking as a whole.

On the Curry Trail cover

On the Curry Trail: Chasing the Flavor That Seduced the World by Raghavan Iyer (February 28)

Through history, personal experiences, and worldwide travel, food writer and Asian Flavors host Raghvan Iyer traces the culinary origins of curry. As you learn more about the historical and cultural roots of curry, you can also try the over 50 recipes included in the book.

Mayumu cover

Mayumu: Filipino American Desserts Remixed by Abi Balingit (February 28)

Creator of the blog The Dusky Kitchen Abi Balingit shares dessert recipes and essays that explore Filipino American heritage and her experiences selling pasalubong boxes of desserts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Everyday Grand cover

Everyday Grand: Soulful Recipes for Celebrating Life’s Big and Small Moments by Jocelyn Delk Adams (March 14)

Author and TV personality Jocelyn Delk Adams brings together more than 80 Southern comfort food recipes that encourage readers to find gratitude in every meal. From turkey and mustard greens enchiladas to salted caramel chocolate chip cookies, you’ll find joy in every bite.

The Everlasting Meal Cookbook cover

The Everlasting Meal Cookbook by Tamar Adler (March 14)

In her follow-up to An Everlasting Meal, James Beard Award–winning chef Tamar Adler shares an A–Z compendium of recipes and tips to combat food waste by using every part of the ingredients you’re cooking with.

Totally Kosher cover

Totally Kosher: Tradition with a Twist! by Chanie Apfelbaum (March 21)

Chanie Apfelbaum, author of Millennial Kosher, is back with another cookbook full of kosher recipes perfect for everyday meals and sharing at special events. Alongside the recipes are cooking hacks, including family meal prep tips.

Sundays cover

Sundays: A Celebration of Breakfast and Family in 52 Essential Recipes by Mark Pupo (March 28)

Every Sunday morning, food writer Mark Pupo makes breakfast with his son Sam and husband Stephen. In 52 recipes, this cookbook shares anecdotes and advice while exploring the joy of cooking for those you love.

Mind Over Batter cover

Mind over Batter: 75 Recipes for Baking as Therapy by Jack Hazan (March 28)

Written by licensed therapist Jack Hazan, this cookbook encourages readers to practice positive emotional health skills through baking. Each section is organized by the skill the recipes within will teach them, from mindfulness and self-care to dealing with stress and anxiety.

Company cover

Company: The Radically Casual Art of Cooking for Others by Amy Thielen (April 4)

There are few actions as simultaneously mundane and deeply meaningful as sharing a meal. Company includes over 125 recipes from food writer Amy Thielen designed to help the reader reflect on the relationships they value and how to show loved ones you care through cooking.

 Asada : The Art of Mexican-Style Grilling cover

Asada: The Art of Mexican-Style Grilling by Bricia Lopez and Javier Cabral (April 25)

In their follow-up to Oaxaca: Home Cooking from the Heart of Mexico, Bricia Lopez and Javier Cabral share over 100 recipes for organizing a carne asada gathering. Each recipe is organized into eight sections: botanas (appetizers), carnes (meats), mariscos (seafood), side dishes and vegetables, salsas, aguas frescas, cocktails, and desserts.

Tasting History cover

Tasting History: Explore the Past Through 4,000 Years of Recipes by Max Miller (April 25)

Curious what a 3,000-year-old stew recipe might taste like? Max Miller, creator of the YouTube channel Tasting History, presents a compendium of recipes from 2000 BCE to today. Although updated in some ways, each recipe follows the original text it comes from as closely as possible.

Book cover of Pasta for All Seasons

Pasta for All Seasons: Dishes that Celebrate the Flavors of Italy and the Bounty of the Pacific Northwest by Michela Tartaglia (May 2)

Chef Michela Tartaglia shares seasonal recipes inspired by her restaurant Pasta Casalinga as well as her experiences living in both Seattle, Washington, and Turin, Italy. Included are vegetarian- and pescatarian-friendly recipes.

Bake Me a Cat cover

Bake Me a Cat: 50 Purrfect Recipes for Edible Kitty Cakes, Cookies and More! by Kim-Joy (May 9)

In Great British Baking Show finalist Kim-Joy’s latest cookbook, she shares recipes for cat-themed treats as cute to decorate as they are delicious to eat. Whether you’re a cat owner yourself or admire Kim-Joy’s culinary style, you’ll find something to enjoy here.

Honey cover

Honey: Recipes From a Beekeeper’s Kitchen by Amy Newsome (June 13)

Professional beekeeper and chef Amy Newsome shares more than 80 recipes that teach and celebrate the beauty of cooking with honey — from apricot honey buns to eucalyptus honey granitas and more.

Pomegranates and Artichokes cover

Pomegranates and Artichokes: A Food Journey from Iran to Italy by Saghar Saterah (June 20)

Inspired by her time living in Iran and Italy, food writer and photographer Saghar Saterah explores the similarities between Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cooking. In over 80 recipes, this cookbook celebrates the culinary heritage of both countries while reflecting on her own experiences as an immigrant.

Perfectly Good Food cover

Perfectly Good Food: A Totally Achievable Zero Waste Approach to Home Cooking by Margaret Li and Irene Li (June 20)

Sustainable cooking doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Sisters and restaurant owners Margaret Li and Irene Li share over 80 recipes designed to both reduce food waste and help with budgeting.

Black Rican Vegan placeholder cover

Black Rican Vegan: Fire Plant-Based Recipes from a Bronx Kitchen by Lyana Blount (July 25)

Lyana Blount, owner of New York City pop-up restaurant Black Rican Vegan, brings together over 60 plant-based Puerto Rican recipes. Alongside each recipe are family stories and anecdotes as shared by the author.

Baking Yesteryear cover

Baking Yesteryear: Plating the Past with the Best Recipes from the 1900s to the 1980s by B. Dylan Hollis (July 25)

This is one of my most anticipated reads in cookbooks and in books as a whole. Baking Yesteryear includes vintage recipes that a modern reader might consider surprising. Sometimes in a good way…and sometimes not so much (if you haven’t before, check out B. Dylan Hollis’s TikTok to see what I mean by that).

Recipes for Murder cover

Recipes for Murder : 66 Dishes That Celebrate the Mysteries of Agatha Christie by Karen Pierce (August 22)

Hosting a murder mystery dinner party or book club this fall? You’ll want to use this cookbook to plan your menu. The recipes compiled inside are each paired with one of the 66 novels written by Agatha Christie.

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