When In Romance

When In Romance is a biweekly romance podcast dedicated to romance novel news, enthusiasm, and romance book recommendations from Book Riot!

The Year of the Cowboy

Jess and Trisha cover some recent romancelandia news, look back on favorites of 2022, and look ahead to possible future favorites for 2023.

Pine, Pine, Pine…Pine, Pine

Jess and Trisha close out the year by recommending queer friends-to-lovers books, romances with a criminal element, and more in part two of our annual recommendation request episode.

Roll the Dice with Me

Jess and Trisha recommend steamy sci-fi, romance with characters over 40 (and sometimes 50!), and more in part one of our annual recommendation request episode.

Best of Our 2022 Backlist!

Jess and Trisha start talking about 2022 recommendations, including No-Shirt November and their favorite backlist romance reads of 2022.

All The Holidays with Special Guest Jenn Northington

Jess and Jenn discuss the increasing number of romances in best-of lists (even if they are coming way too early) and the massive phenomenon that is holiday romance.


Jess and special guest Vanessa Diaz talk about what they're reading, discuss some upcoming Good News in romance and offer season-appropriate romance recs.

Back on the Book Train

Jess and Trisha talk through some news and updates and then discuss Witchmark – including whether it can be classified as a romance.

Time for a Different Form

Jess and Trisha talk about unreasonable expectations of authors and then offer a few “if you like this, try that” romance recs.

Giving Up on Calendars

Jess and Trisha talk about baby epilogues and revisit a classic romance trope: fake dating stories.

The Ghost and the Ghostwriter

Jess and Trisha cover a grab bag of topics before talking about backlist romances they’re glad to have found this year.